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To the official website of Xtreme Gaming also identified by the -Xg tag in game. We are a Xbox Live clan which is mostly found on Call Of Duty: World At War, In 2 Divisions. The first division holds a total of 6 members which are the best players found within the team and also the competitors, these will be playing in the higher league games and tournaments and the second division is also the same but the players who want to play a nice relaxing game play clan matches here.
We built this website so the clan members can see everything thats going on with -Xg, such as clan war dates, clan war scores and also discuss anything related to the clan or the games we play in the world of the Xtreme Gamers and also the audience outside this website such as rival clans looking for challenges.
Xtreme Gaming is currently recruiting members for the team on Xbox 360 (Call Of Duty: World At War), If you would like to join please conact a leader (Swifix)/ Co-leader (Drastic1993) and we will place you straight into a division and in the team.

Enjoy browsing the world of the Xtreme Gamers©


The Clan Leader -Xg Swifix will be unavailable on Xbox Live for around 1 months time due to personal reasons which we would like to keep confidential. He will be back online after the time specified and will be available on msn and this website.

In the mean time, Drastic will be co-ordinating the clan and keeping it tidy.

               -Xg Swifix (Clan Leader)
Views: 38085 | Added by: Drastic | Date: 16 Aug 09 | Comments (51)

Welcome back to the website current clan members.
Im sure you all know that the clan is still recruiting for both Division 1 & 2

Both Swifix and I (Drastic1993) would most appreciate if after each game you play, that you will please send a message to all recent players asking them if they would like to join.

Have a quick look at this example:

Message To Recent Players: Im currently recruiting for the -Xg clan, if you are interesting in joining please visit, sign up and post an application under 'Join Us'   Thankyou -Xg 'Name'

Swifix and I will soon be deciding on the Divisions and how we are split and who will be apart of which Division. This will be taking place when we have a minimum of 12 players, which can be split up into 2 teams of 6 but with no substitues.

So the general message:
Get Recruiting Recruiting Recruiting!
Views: 2517 | Added by: Drastic | Date: 16 Aug 09 | Comments (2)

Message to the team, there will be an update yet again on the website just to make things easier for you guys.
i will be makin changes to the login field and also the news page!.

The update will be starting at 21.00 GMT and possibly last atleast 30 minutes

Please not the website might run slow due to calaberation lag, because the update is so spread through the site the server thats hosts might run quite slow.

-Xg Swifix
Views: 1296 | Added by: Swifix | Date: 15 Aug 09 | Comments (0)

We are proud to announce that ProPandaZ is making a detailed Tutorial for the new Nazi Zombies, Der Riese.
This will include how to get around, prices of gates, and names of rooms (set by Treyarch) to ease navigation with a team, prices of gates and what weapons to upgrade.

It Should be available for viewing NOW on the Tutorial Page which can be accesed via the Navigation Bar on the left of the page.
Some members of the clan tryed this, on our first attempt we achieved Level 23.

            We thank ProPandaZ Very Much for putting in the time and effort to share this with everyone.

                    Xtreme Gaming Clan
Views: 1079 | Added by: Drastic | Date: 15 Aug 09 | Comments (0)

-Xg|Uk est. 2008
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